Electrified Travel Tours

Recreation as a Service

When it comes to the future of travel and RV we think it iwill be Mobility as a Service.

With autonomous driving around the corner and Robotaxi, the idea of owning a vehicle will be a weird concept for future generations.

Apart from a few diehards most people will rent an RV or camper in future to have unforgettable experiences

That's why we are developing SnailR!. A mobility concept based on classic VW T1 and Funtear. Of course this is electrified!

American Way Rentals is transitioning to sustainable transports. For our smaller units we already use Tesla Model Y and Tesla Model 3. We also have Ford F150 Lightning and Cybertruck on order for the bigger rigs. For Electrified Travel Tours we are looking for customers who are willing to buy a SnailR! RV and have a side business in renting in out when not used. That's what Electrified Travel Tours platform is about.